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Frequent User Questions

How do I do a conference call?

Call the first party to start the sequence. When that call is established, start the conference by pressing the CNF/TRN key then make a call to the next person you want to add to the conference. When that party answers press the CNF/TRN key again. Make sure each party picks up the handset.

To add other parties, keep repeating the sequence.

How do I retreive my Caller ID information?

With the handset in the cradle press the Caller ID button and you will see the last call that was registered. Use the volume up and down key to toggle from newest to oldest that is stored at your station. To see the date and time press the top left key under the display.

How do I transfer a call?

During an active call press the CNF/TRN (This will put your caller on hold) dial the extension to send the call to.  When the party answers announce who is on the line, then hang up. The call will be transferred. If you hang up before the party answers the call will start ringing on his/her desk. If he/her doesn't answer the call, it will recall back to you or forward to his/her voice mail.

How do I turn off the flashing msg light? I don't have any messages.

With the handset in the cradle dial #409.