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Netphone Information

Call Center with Screen Pops

Call center Agents that have PCs with the OAISYS Net Phone application can view pop-up

screens that contain information about the caller. Net Phone can work with a variety of popular

applications, such as Contact Managers, databases developed as part of the business operation,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Help Desk applications, etc.

The Net Phone Installation Wizard makes it easy to integrate with outside applications. Once the

Net Phone software is loaded, information about the call is collected by the OAISYS Net Server.


Sometimes the information needed, such as the customer’s account number, cannot be delivered

by Strata, thus the IVR can be used to query the caller for the information (see figure below). The

collected information is delivered to the Net Phone. As calls arrive on an Agent’s telephone, the

information about the caller is passed via the LAN to Net Phone running on each Agent’s desktop

PC to create the screen pop.Net Phone offers a number of enabling methods for linking the standard database
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